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Houston Family Photographer

Being a wife and mommy to my daughters gives me a feeling of love and enjoyment. I get to see our family grow and change over the years from diapers to grade school to one day leave our birds nest. Throughout the years, I've always cherished the pictures I've had taken of us because I get to look back on the memories and times we've created as a whole. I love capturing all the beautiful moments and memories for other families for them to cherish years to come. Sure we all have cell phones that take pictures but it doesn't do justice when it comes to hanging it on a wall in your home or saying that's our family photo. A lot of the time it's hard to get everyone together due to a crazy schedule with school, work, or just life. And then not to mention when you try to take a memorable photo, someone ends up blinking or having a wardrobe malfunction, or something happens and makes the picture not complete. That's where we come in. Being an affordable local family photographer in Houston, Tx we know what it takes to capture the moment, to create your family portraits. Our photo sessions usually are a mix between posed shots, which we will help with, and candid shots of you and your family interacting with each other, like talking, laughing, having fun, and just being together. We offer many outdoor locations around cities like Houston, Kingwood, Atascocita, Spring, and we're always open to try new locations if you have one in mind. Maybe the weather is too hot out, it's raining, or you don't want an outdoor photography session, well good news is that we offer and indoor studio location for your photo shoot as well. When you contact us, you can let us know what your preferences are based on some of the images you see online, in our portfolio, and what your must have shots are, so we can better understand what you're wanting us to capture. We want to thank you for considering us and we hope to work with you & your family to create and freeze these memories.

Eliana Stengel Photography is a Houston Photographer that offers Family Portrait Sessions. We offer a wide range of different locations that will suit your needs, we also offer studio shots as well. Please contact us for more details or to book a session.

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