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Beautiful Affordable Gowns for you Maternity Photography Session!

Hey beautiful mom to be! In this blog post I am going to give you all the go-to Amazon maternity gowns that I spent hours researching for your maternity session!!

There are so many gorgeous and affordable options. You can book a session with us, buy your own dress and you will still save upwards of 50%! Plus you get to keep your dress, and use it for your baby shower and/or your newborn portraits!! If you see a dress you like, but aren't fond of the color, click on the link to see the full amazon ad! Many come in various colors!!! So let's get to it!

(Also, this blog contains affiliate links, if you plan to buy a gown please use our link provided to help support us making more blogs like this!)

1) So this first dress is one of my favorites, its so elegant and majestic that you will feel like the pregnant goddess that you are! It is the Saslax Maternity Off Shoulder Gown <3 They offer it in various colors, here is the LINK. (literally click on the blue text link)

(Don't forget, if you decide you want to purchase one of these gowns please do it through our affiliate links to support our small business!)

2) Is This beautiful off shoulder ruffle gown, It is stunning and hugs just the right curves LINK (These fitted gowns will look so much better with a maternity seamless shapewear, I will link it at the end!) <3

Next is this off shoulder ruffle dress, and it flows beautifully LINK

3) Another one of my favorites, is this gorgeous sheer lace gown, you will need a nude slip to go underneath! (I will post one at the end of the blog!) LINK

Next is a fitted long sleeve gown, remember for the fitted gowns you will need a maternity seamless shape-wear, which I will post at the end of the blog! LINK

This next one is an off shoulder ruffle, it's so cute and timeless LINK

Last, but not least is this gorgeous fitted gown. It has a romantic timeless feel LINK

That just about wraps all of our favorite gowns that we have researched!

Also, here is the Shapewear, as promised

which I highly recommend for the tighter fitting dresses LINK

& the nude slip, for the sheer lace gown LINK

I hope I helped some of you out! Feel free to comment any other dresses you have bought from amazon that you think I should add to this blog! ~ Eliana

Eliana Stengel Photography is a Houston Maternity Photographer that services the Harris County area and neighboring cities (Click there to see your city). She specializes is Family, Maternity, Newborn, Cake smash, Birth Story, Fresh 48, Engagement, Birthday Photos and more! Here is a LINK to all of the photography packages we offer, if the link doesn't work just contact us directly for more info. Thank you & have a great day!

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